Take accountability if you decide to travel!

Maastricht 6 April 2020, As the situation evolves constantly and very fast, we would like to inform you about this important issues.

The car and the driver:

  • We created a physical shield between the driver and the passenger.
  • Gloves and masks are available by special requests.
  • The driver stays in the car. As a passenger you have to open and close the door by yourself.

Borders around the Netherlands:

Belgium and Germany policy’s are different from ours. The result of these differences is that there are border securities/ check’s.

No-essential traveling across the border is forbidden.

Our measures on this issue:

  • Convince your self that you have to cross the border during your trip.
  • We need the purposes of the trip in advance and by e mail.

There are two main reasons to cross the border:

  • For business ( motivate why you can’t make it online )
  • You are in the Netherlands and live in a different country. ( you are traveling to your hometown )
We will continue monitor the situation very carefully and issue updates on our website as the situation evolves.

Take care of yourself and each other!