Take accountability if you decide to travel!

Maastricht 18 March 2020, We would like to update you on the most recent developments related to the on-going spread of the COVID-19 virus and what this means for C-Level drivers, our cliënts and passengers.

Following the advice of local and national health authorities, we have not received instructions regarding the restriction or regulation of individuals in our business.

Yet we will temporarily suspend most of our activities. The general measures taken by the national authorities are clear.

In our vision, and daily business operations, we lead all of our decision making through the needs of our customers, passengers and clients. We think that’s the best way to add value to our services.

At this point we have to stop asking ourselves this questions for the time being. It’s not on us to define if it’s necessary to travel. Different questions appear instead.

As most of our passengers are c level executives, who are facing highly difficult situations in their organizations, they are able to travel safe with the conditions and measures as mentioned below.

If traveling is needed for business, there are options that we still provide our private driving-services under strict conditions.

The passenger:

  • The passenger is clear from any symptoms of the corona virus. (this is an ethic responsibility of the passenger)
  • The passenger can proof he or she is traveling for business ( it is possible that they will be asked at some boarders or in the future even in Holland.
  • Only one person in the car. Take place at the right backseat. ( the distance to the driver is >1,5m )

The car and the driver: 

  • The car is disinfected before the passender gets in. ( by steam cleaning )
  • Ventilation system in front of the car will be shut off.
  • Paper handkerchiefs are in the car. (by use, take them with you)
  • Disinfectant gel is provided.
  • Water and mints are in the car ( by use, take the bottle and papers with you)
  • The driver is free from any symptoms of the corona virus.

General measurements of the local and national health authorities:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use handkerchiefs
  • Keep a distance > 1,5 meter
  • Do not shake hands
  • Sneeze  into your elbow
  • Stay at home if you’re having any problem with your health and consult the local canals to report.

We will continue monitor the situation very carefully and issue updates on our website as the situation evolves.

Take care of yourself and each other!